Welcome to Del-POP!

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Welcome to DELPOP!

Hi there! Welcome to Deltans for People-Oriented Places! Most of what we advocate for can be found on our website (https://delpop.ca/about), but here is the basic rundown of what we are all about!

It is no secret that Delta is very car-oriented and does not have many walkable spaces in which people can thrive! The majority of Delta consists of single-family homes detached from Town Centres such as Scott Road, 84th and 112th, Ladner Village, Tsawwassen Mills, and 56th and 12th. This means that people have to drive to buy groceries, grab a cup of coffee, or go to a restaurant in the town centres. Not only is this lack of walkable town centres bad for the increasing threat of climate change, but it also leaves the community with much to be desired. 

So how can we solve these issues? We can make Delta more people-oriented by densifying residential and commercial space in the town centres of our three major communities, spaces that have low vehicle traffic and are walkable and transit-accessible to everyone. Building mid-density housing, such as walkup apartments, townhomes, row homes, and even small apartments next to town centres lowers both vehicle traffic and pollution caused by traffic, leaving more spaces for walkers, cyclists, transit users, and everyone in between.

Oftentimes, projects such as Ladner Village and the apartments on Scott Road get a lot of pushback from many Delta residents as they want their kids and grandkids to grow up in the same Delta they did themselves, or they do not want “the character of Delta to be destroyed.” However, the fact is single-family homes are becoming increasingly unaffordable as time goes on pushing people further into the valley. This is also not to mention the fact that as we are running out of time with the climate crisis and building more single-family homes away from town centre will only worsen the CO2 emissions as people drive for groceries. We at DELPOP love Delta and want to see it flourish as the beautiful city many of us have come to love. However, without some change, Delta will remain with outdated, unsustainable planning practices from the 20th century that prioritize car usage, and do not focus on the people. Let’s make Delta into a People-Oriented Place once and for all!

  • Have questions? Contact us at info@delpop.ca or at our Facebook page DELPOP 101!
  • How do we advocate for change? 
    • When new urbanist planning practices are in the process of going through council, we write letters and attend town halls in favour of these projects!
  • What do we advocate for?
    • People-oriented places
    • Density near town centres
    • Alternatives to the single-family home
    • Affordable, rental homes
    • Alternatives to car-oriented transportation such as public transit, walking, cycling, etc.
    • Green space!
    • Community events and more!
  • How to get involved?
    • Email us of your interest and how you can help!
    • Attend our monthly meetings (third thursday every month, 7:30pm)
    • Tell your family and friends about us!
    • Follow us on social media!
    • Join “Let’s Talk Delta” to stay up to date about proposals for the city
    • Write to council in favour of people-oriented projects, apartments, townhomes, etc!
    • Any combination of the above!

We hope to see you in our meetings!


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