Let's Talk Del-POP

Go Tell Someone

Share what you’ve learned about Del-POP (and from your time in Del-POP) with your friends, family, foes, and favourites. 

Invite them to a meeting to see what Del-POP is all about and encourage them that they can make a difference too! 


Become a Member

Membership in Del-POP is an awesome way to become part of a local, active, and supportive community. 

We often say that we’re a support group for altruists because we’re advocating for projects and policies that benefit everyone!

Membership in Del-POP isn’t automatic – we expect you to take two actions first

Head over to our membership page to learn more! 

You Might Want To Do One of the Following

  • Drop us a line or give us a heads up you’re interested in visiting one of our meetings.
  • Share an event with us that you’re hosting and if it’s a good fit we’ll spread the word.
  • Describe your policy ideas or development proposals if you think we’d be interested in learning about them and if it’s solid we’ll talk with you about it to learn more.
  • Explain how we might be missing something or wrong about something (just be kind, please).

Response Times

We’re all volunteers who are passionate about many interesting things and we would love to hear from you. We will try to respond to appropriate inquiries, comments, and suggestions in a timely manner.

Alternative Ways to Connect

The contact form is a great tool but you can also connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Email us directly at info@delpop.ca

Our monthly meetings are also a great time to discuss housing and land use needs in our city and we hope you will join us.


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