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Check out our Next Thursday Meeting


We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month on Zoom or in-person (circumstances permitting) at 7:30PM. We chat about housing and land use and upcoming policies & projects that are coming up! Trust us, it’s very interesting! Most meetings include a special presentation by a member or a guest about a topic of interest as we want to be well-informed advocates.

Are You Feeling Motivated to Address the Housing Crisis and Improve Delta?

4 More Actions You Can Take Today!

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Speak up

Speak at an upcoming Public Hearing in favour of a great project or share a presentation at a Del-POP Meeting. 

You’ll need to email to register or talk to a Del-POP member about presenting. 

To help you, we host a regular “Support Group” during significant Public Hearings where we offer encouragement to new speakers and react, in real-time, to the positive contributions made by other members. 

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Write In

Email Mayor Harvie and members of council by sending an email to or a letter to Delta City Hall.

Introduce yourself and tell them that you want to see bold actions to address our housing crisis. Short and sweet is just fine – but let them know how you feel! (Delta residents or future Delta residents only)

If you’re brave, send a letter supporting land use changes to allow for more housing to the editors of The Optimist and/or the North Delta Reporter!

Go Tell Someone

Share what you’ve learned about Del-POP (and from your time in Del-POP) with your friends, family, foes, and favourites. 

Invite them to a meeting to see what Del-POP is all about and encourage them that they can make a difference too! 


Become a Member

Membership in Del-POP is an awesome way to become part of a local, active, and supportive community. 

We often say that we’re a support group for altruists because we’re advocating for projects and policies that benefit everyone!

Membership in Del-POP isn’t automatic – we expect you to take two actions first

Head over to our membership page to learn more! 

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“You are important—not because you’re rich, but because you are human.”

Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design
Charles Montgomery
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"Everything you are passionate about at the national level has a local analog that needs your attention. And not only does it need your attention, your passion and energy is game-changing.

The time and effort you put into making your place stronger and more prosperous will make a huge difference in the lives of others. The result of those efforts won’t be ambiguous—show your place love and it will love you back. I promise."
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