4 Reasons You'll Love Del-POP

Hear about coming changes

Let’s face it: municipal government isn’t the most thrilling topic nor is it the easiest to navigate. Oftentimes consultations hear from only a few ‘in-the-know’ people and decisions are made without full regard for your interests. We want to alert each other to the good things happening at Delta City Hall so we can support it… and occasionally the not-so-good things being proposed so we can raise our concerns effectively.

Share your concerns and ideas

We love our city and its many neighbourhoods and want to talk about the issues we see and the concerns we have. We also are ready to share ideas that will help to ease the predicaments of high-prices and low-availability of housing that we find ourselves in. Got an idea but need some feedback? Want to learn more about other great initiatives to try? Drop in on a meeting or join in!

Participate in building stronger neighbourhoods within a better Delta.

Neighbourhoods are built by individuals, families, and groups working in a wonderfully complex ecosystem of places, spaces, regulations, resources (built and natural), and, of course, people. We want to work together to be engaged at the local level – making an impact where we live so that generations later there will be appreciation for the direction set by our city decision-makers and community-builders.

Make an impact in our city.

It can be exhilarating to see the fruits of your efforts come together in the places where we live, work, and play! While national and provincial issues often get lots of media attention and debate, the most consequential place to make an impact is at the local level. We are serious about doing good in our city.

““Turn street space into seat space. Streets that give people chances to stop are good for walking and business.”

― Janette Sadik-Khan, Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution

“Happiness is a house with many rooms, but at its core is a hearth around which we gather with family, friends, the community, and sometimes even strangers to find the best part of ourselves.”

― Charles Montgomery, Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design

“Every city resident is a pedestrian at some point in the day. A city whose streets invite people to walk, bike, and sit along them also inspires people to innovate, invest, and stay for good.”

― Janette Sadik-Khan, Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution