You Hear the Stories: NoT Enough Money and Too Few Options

Your sense of purpose arises from your skill and ability to find the perfect place at the right price for every client. 

But something is going horribly wrong in our marketplace. 

They’re priced out. Disappointed with the options. Panicking. Despairing. Departing for other regions. 

Let Your Clients Know They Can be a Part of the Solution


Tell them about Del-POP and the way that they can learn about the barriers they are facing in the housing market. 

Introduce them to a community of advocates for housing in Delta who work tirelessly to increase housing supply and encourage better housing policy within our great city.

Point them to a tangible, meaningful way to influence a process that is harming them at present. It’s not all doom and gloom – there are genuine opportunities to speak up for change in the City of Delta!


Talk About Del-POP with Your Clients

Share what you’ve learned about Del-POP (and from your time in Del-POP) with your friends, family, foes, and favourites. 

Invite them to a meeting to see what Del-POP is all about and encourage them that they can make a difference too! 

Encourage People to Join Del-POP

Membership in Del-POP is an awesome way to become part of a local, active, and supportive community. 

We often say that we’re a support group for altruists because we’re advocating for projects and policies that benefit everyone!

Membership in Del-POP isn’t automatic – we expect you to take two actions first

Head over to our membership page to learn more! 

Change Is Happening: Will You Help Shape It For Better?

You Can Take Your First Action Right Now!

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