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We will try to acknowledge the many sources we’re drawing our definitions from. It is our intention to provide credit where it is due. Sometimes, however, a concept has been rooted in our minds through a whole bunch of sources and we might not be able to remember where we first learned about this. If you spot something that someone deserves credit for, please get in touch.

Step 1. Identify a term or topic 
Step 2. Summarize it in as few words as possible. 
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Step 4. If it merits inclusion, create an index card here. 
Step 5. Add links on other pages to index card or glossary entry when these terms or topics are used.

Core Housing Need

If 30% or more of household income is spent on shelter costs. 


The capacity of social, economic and ecosystems to cope with a hazardous event or trend or disturbance”

Workforce Housing

Housing which would be considered affordable for low-income and lower-middle-income earners.


Automobile dependency is a term used to describe households who must rely on private vehicles for everyday transportation, often due to a lack of safe pedestrian infrastructure, ineffective or absent public transit options, and sprawl.” (Source)

Opposition to Housing

‘Car-centric planning’ refers to urban planning that privileges the private automobile as a primary transportation mode, often to the exclusion of people who walk, bike, or use public transit.” (Source)

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