In 2021, We Were able To...

  • Rally support for affordable housing projects in North Delta Ladner, Tsawwassen.
  • Speak up for the construction of hundreds of homes in North Delta along with the provision of new childcare spaces and the introduction of new retail spaces on Scott Road. 
  • Write letters of support for numerous projects
  • Encourage members of Del-POP who spoke for their first time at public hearings 
  • Create a “Yes for Ladner Village” campaign that shared facts about the updates to the Land Use Plan and answered common objections in ways that were (hopefully) persuasive and generous
  • Host lively discussions 
  • Introduce dozens of Delta residents to each other and to the concepts of people-oriented places


In 2022, Del-POP will...

  • Generate support for more projects to bring affordable rentals, purpose-built rentals, and townhomes to meet our housing needs
  • Raise awareness of the housing crisis that we are facing
  • Develop a better resource library to help inform Delta residents about the needs we’re facing and the opportunities that exist to improve our city’s approach to housing and land use
  • Provide election candidates with an opportunity to share their vision with Delta residents on questions of housing and land use in the form of a questionnaire and/or forum
  • Welcome more members!
The image shows building blocks being placed on top of each other - a metaphor for the way that Del-POP is putting pieces together to make an impact.

“Working with people who aren’t part of your first ring can present a valuable opportunity for personal growth and social betterment. Shared work harmonizes participants’ personalities, skills, and opinions by organizing them around a shared goal. It creates an opportunity for us to contribute our special talents, curb our own interests (and sometimes our attitudes), compromise to solve problems, humbly learn from others, and take on tasks we might normally avoid.  

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