The Ideal Candidate for Delta
(In our opinion)


Ensure Responsible Progress

  1. Support the Burns Bog habitat and limit all intrusive development along its perimeter and within the Bog. 
  2. Support the protection of agricultural lands within the ALR. 
  3. Support our sensitive ecological areas. 

Approve Housing Choice and Lightened Zoning

  1. Permit attached and detached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), also known as secondary suites, to be constructed city-wide instead of our current approach of restricting where detached “coach houses” are permitted. We must not over-regulate the style, placement, and parking expectations for these homes.
  2. Legalize Missing Middle and infill homes (e.g., townhouses and multiplexes) in all low-density residential areas. We must end the apartment ban that applies to most of our city’s housing lands. 
  3. Allow property owners to create lock-off units in order to add additional units to their buildings without having costly renovations. 
  4. Delegate rezoning of all Official Community Plan (OCP) compliant multifamily housing to city staff.
  5. Minimize and mitigate displacement of tenants through bonus density policies, tenant assistance policies, and by incentivizing development away from existing multifamily rental homes. 
  6. Amend our OCP to provide for the integration of medium density residential into existing neighbourhoods in order to achieve an inclusive and equitable distribution of housing types so they aren’t relegated to only arterial roads.
  7. Establish preemptive inclusionary zoning across the city and we must ensure that the like-for-like replacement of single family homes is not exempted from the obligation to pay into funds that permit the construction of more affordable housing. 
  8. Question projects, like single detached house replacements, that do not add to our net housing supply.
  9. Pre-approve affordable housing projects when they own the properties they are planning to develop. 

Create Transportation Choice

  1. Ensure that biking and walking access is prioritized at special events hosted by the City of Delta and community partners who are sponsored by the City of Delta. 
  2. Expand bicycle infrastructure and ensure that a large percentage of new bike lanes meet the AAA standard (All Ages and Abilities). 
  3. Introduce Open Option Parking like the City of Edmonton has done. 
  4. Construct more sidewalks in the immediate vicinity of our parks or convert neighbouring streets to 30km/h with the addition of creative traffic calming measures like charrettes and planters and the removal of dangerous intersection slip lanes.  Make leading pedestrian interval signals standard at major intersections.
  5. Change the speed limit on nearly all of our neighbourhood streets to 30 km/h and change the streetscape with charrettes, planters, and other fixed items that subtly create the conditions where drivers instinctively slow down. 
  6. Reform the process for investigating traffic accidents involving pedestrian or cyclist injuries to include an intersection planning design analysis. This will help prevent further fatalities and injuries.
  7. Change the practice of purchasing oversized fire trucks by the Delta Fire Department and begin purchasing smaller trucks that can respond with greater speed and fewer resources to the vast majority of calls.
  8. Promote parking protected bike lanes through the reconfiguration of many streets as an interim measure until we can install fully protected bike and pedestrian lanes. 

Allow us to Drive Less (if We Choose To)

  1. Incentivize mixed use development that is essential within Delta’s town centres
  2. Small businesses must be permitted by right within all residential areas to allow for complete neighbourhoods where people can walk or roll to meet their needs.
  3. Allow more flexibility in commercial zoning to make it easier to change the use of a property.

Improve the Quality of Public Places

  1. Create even more pop-up parks and promote the targeted re-purposing of more streets (public lands) for people-oriented uses. 
  2. Close Delta Street in Ladner to summer traffic. 
  3. Fund projects that add daycare facilities to schools in partnership with the Delta School District. 
  4. Embrace the ‘3-30-300 rule’ as the primary goal for our urban forestry and planning and community development departments. Everyone should be able to see at least 3 trees from their home; there should be 30% tree canopy cover in each neighbourhood; and 300 metres should be the maximum distance to the nearest high-quality public green space.
  5. Plant trees, strategically and deliberately, on spaces previously occupied by parked vehicles (ex. next to fire hydrants where cars aren’t supposed to park anyways; near the ends of neighbourhood streets; bump out curbs; etc.)
  6. Ban the installation of exclusionary benches in parks and other public places.
  7. Explore the potential of a floating dock in Ladner Harbour as a recreation amenity for all. 

WE ARE Advocates For People-Oriented Places

We’re advocates for approaches to community building that prioritize the needs of the people who live, work, and visit in Delta. We want to see better access to various types of housing and services in our neighbourhoods. We want to see more opportunities to shop, socialize, and get help within reach of more Deltans! We believe communities benefit from vibrant, active public spaces that are easily accessible without the obligation of owning a personal automobile. Del-POP is a registered non-profit society made up of volunteers who live in Delta. We are convinced there are good and sensible ways to answer the concerns of our neighbours and to set us up for a stronger future for our city!

Join us at our monthly meetup on the third Thursday of every month! Visit www.delpop.ca/take-action to learn more.


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