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We can make Delta more people-oriented by densifying residential and commercial space in the town centres of our three major communities, spaces that have low vehicle traffic and are walkable and transit-accessible to everyone. Building mid-density housing, such as walkup apartments, townhomes, row homes, and even small apartments next to town centres lowers both vehicle traffic and pollution caused by traffic, leaving more spaces for walkers, cyclists, transit users, and everyone in between.

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Deep Dive: Why Are Mixed Use Spaces Essential for Better Housing in Delta?

Mixed-use zoning can be hard to come by in Metro Vancouver and Delta is no exception. Zoning for developments such as rowhomes, townhomes, walk-up apartments, high-rise apartments, and dingbats, with amenities, offices, and green space interspersed, would not only provide affordability but also facilitate a sense of community (Uytae Lee, 2020). This mixed use of houses would also be more affordable than the single-family home that Delta knows all too well (Coupland, 1996). The combination of accessibility and affordability would add some walkability and some character to the city, as residents and planners of the denser communities could add things like public seating, art, and private vendors to give the neighbourhoods some charm. Furthermore, adding mixed-use development would make Delta more just and sustainable by way of affordability and getting the community involved; this benefits the community as they can tell decision-makers what they would like to see in their city, giving citizens more power (Rosen & Painter, 2019).

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