What is del-POP hoping to achieve?

We believe we can help Delta become a healthier, happier, and more inclusive city that can be enjoyed by people of all walks of life.

Promote the Development of More Housing

The primary focus and original impetus for this group’s existence came from the observed shortage of housing choice and housing affordability. While not being directly involved in the production of housing as builders, we are part of a political process that has massive implications for the production of housing by builders.

Housing policy and projects: City-wide rules and policies are the basic building blocks for our current housing and land-use decision-making process. Ideally we will have the most impact on the shaping of these policies. The specific projects that come to City Council are a part of the bigger whole and yet they have symbolic and practical value in moving us toward a more diverse and affordable supply of housing in Delta. The City of Delta’s Housing Action Plan contains a clear outline of what can be done – now we need to press to see its implementation!

The Missing Middle (image credit below: Opticos)
56 Street in Tsawwassen serves as an example of a stroad
A stroad: the transportation equivalent of a futon

Advocate for Better Land-Use Practices

Nearly every housing-related decision in Delta is connected to land-use regulations.

Del-POP will be actively engaged in zoning and land-use consultations, public hearings, and advocacy efforts to pass land-use policies and approve projects.

This includes strategies for mitigating harm to ecologically sensitive areas, addressing transportation network issues, accommodating population growth with well-placed civic, recreational, commercial, and industrial facilities, and making sure that Delta’s financial outlook improves as a result of better land-use practices.

Be A Network For Sharing Information About Housing Policy And Projects

Del-POP will succeed by reaching a growing community of residents who can understand and promote policies and projects that allow for the development of people-oriented places. 

We will succeed in achieving our purposes as a society if we can regularly update our network about housing policy and projects in Delta in ways that are accuratecompelling, and actionable.

Our monthly newsletter is our primary means for doing this and our Twitter and Facebook feeds also feature a ton of great content to help spread the word. 

Our community Slack chat is also a great source of referrals, educational videos, and riveting discussions. 

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Our Mission

  1. PROMOTE the development of diverse housing options
  2. ADVOCATE for better land-use practices, and
  3. CREATE a network for sharing info about housing policy and projects to become better-informed champions for people-oriented places.

Our Vision

  1. We want to see our City become well-known for its housing choices and sustainable land-use practices.
  2. We want to spark a renewed effort to conserve our sensitive environmental areas, secure Delta farmlands, and create great places for us and our loved ones to live.
  3. We want to see Delta become a showcase of housing variety and inclusivity.
  4. We want to help people discover that local government is really fascinating, impactful, and empowering!
  5. We want to see Delta’s plans and policies put the needs of people first – at every step – so that our community becomes defined by a surplus of great places to spend time or move through.
  6. We want to see housing be recognized and acted upon as a priority need within our City.
  7. We want to see creative solutions to traffic complaints and other community concerns instead of having these be the chief reason why housing is rejected or delayed.
  8. We want to remove costs and delays in the housing approvals process – to see far more housing types approved by right instead of favouring a single housing type (single family homes) at the expense of all others.
  9. We want children to see a clear path to a future home in Delta.
  10. We want affordability and a return to the levels of construction of below-market and subsidised housing that was previously commonplace in our region. 



Our neighbourhoods are changing – we must decide if this change will continue on its current path of greater exclusion and increasing expensiveness OR greater inclusion and diversity.

We value:

  • openness to change
  • inclusive communities
  • positive engagement
  • gentle criticism
  • bridge-building
  • promoting civic engagement
  • empowerment of marginalized voices
  • saying yes!


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