Del-POP Events

Meetings Every Third Thursday of the Month

We meet together on the third Thursday of each month.* You’re most welcome to join our Thursday meetings as a guest and as a member.

Our meetings allow us to connect with what’s going on in the City of Delta and to learn from each other. We devote part of the time at our monthly meeting to announcements about the things that we’re tracking and supporting in the City. We devote the rest of our time to group discussions of the major issues related to fostering people-oriented places within Delta. Policy decisions have far-reaching implications for the future of our city and we don’t want to miss opportunities to speak up with a people-oriented vision. There’s some geeking out over the details (because really, who else can you talk about minimum lot setbacks and floor area ratios with …?) but we do our best to simplify complicated topics and add interesting angles to the dull ones.

The great thing about meeting together on a monthly basis is that we can check in on how things are going and be encouraged about the progress that is being made.

Newsletter Every Month

We write a newsletter to keep our members and other subscribers up to date on the exciting things happening in Delta. We read the newspaper, check the council agendas, participate in public workshops, and do all we can to stay abreast of the opportunities for constructive engagement in the City of Delta. We include important dates to keep in mind and highlight opportunities for Del-POP members to speak up and be heard.

4+ Special Events Per Year

In addition to our monthly meetings, Del-POP hosts one-off events like Jane’s Walks, Zoning Discussion Tours, Village Strolls, Del-POP Movie Nights, Guest Speakers, and Community Forums. If you want to learn something and have fun doing it, come on out and you will discover that zoning, minimum lot setbacks, and pop-up parklets are actually exciting topics worthy of a few hours of your time!

Information about these events – when they are scheduled and where they will be held – will be shared in the Newsletter and on our social media pages.

If you have event suggestions or if you would like to include Del-POP members in your event, please reach out to us.

Public Hearing Support Group

We host group chat during Public Hearings of significant interest to support first-time speakers, interact with some of the insightful points which are made, and make the experience of watching a public hearing much more enjoyable. Become a Del-POP supporter and we’ll send you the info!

Del-POP Discussions on Slack

The Del-POP Slack chat is a great place to learn about people-oriented places, to recommend articles or Youtube content to check out, and ideas for events. 

The discussions are good-natured and informative on so many levels. Get in touch with a Del-POP volunteer and we’ll send you the details about how to join.