Speak up for Housing in Delta – Del-POP Dispatch #1 (Archive)

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Welcome to the first edition of our Del-POP newsletter! One day it will be a collectors item in the Delta Archives…

We have been seeing a LOT of progress in our efforts to build a network of people working to support positive change in our city. If you know of someone who you think would be interested in learning more, please send them a note to tell them about Del-POP! 

Council Needs to Hear from You About the 264 Unit Townhouse and Tower Development Application at 93A Avenue and 120 Street

Next Monday at 4PM, City Council will be giving 1st and 2nd reading to the townhouse and tower project that has been proposed in the Townline Node neighbourhood in North Delta.

If you email council by 11am on FRIDAY, your comments will be included in their agenda package and posted online. If you miss the Friday deadline, you can still email council by noon on Monday to have your correspondence included in their agenda package but they don’t always read it. If you’ve never written an email or letter to council and want someone to help you with it, contact us on our contact form and we’d love to help you!

Items to consider when writing council about this project: 

  • We need to provide thousands of housing units in our city in order to begin to address the shortage of housing supply. This shortage has escalated costs for everyone and made a difficult situation even harder for renters and prospective homebuyers. 
  • This is the right project on the right spot. It is in an area that has been planned for high density development since at least 2005 when the Official Community Plan was adopted. 
  • This is the first purpose-built rental building that includes below-market rental that this council is being asked to approve in its current term. 
  • The Mayor’s Taskforce on Scott Road, comprised of community members who live in the vicinity, has endorsed the construction of higher densities of housing within the townline node. 
  • The project is situated in a transit-abundant area with Rapidbus service AND close proximity to Scott Road Skytrain station. 
  • The project will help spur the construction of a new park in the area and the establishment of a green corridor (what the Scott Road report calls a “mew”) and it will have a daycare, gymnasium, and basketball court. 
  • Existing recreational facilities, schools, and infrastructure have a lot of capacity to accommodate new residents in this area resulting from this project. 
  • There will be six levels of underground parking (!) with 401 parking spaces even though it sits on a Rapidbus line and near Scott Road Station. There will be tons of parking that sits empty even after this project is completed. 

Support Another Great 165-Unit Project on Scott Road in North Delta — Let’s Talk Delta

This was the site of a previous proposal to build a residential tower which was defeated by council after a contentious public hearing process. 

The owners have come back (after spending $$$ to redo all of their project plans) with a proposal to build a scaled-back development of 165 units in the form of townhouses and a couple 6 storey apartment buildings. 

There is a virtual public engagement session currently running on Let’s Talk that closes on May 13 so please head there and fill out your comments. Spread the word to others as well. 

Items to consider when writing council about this project:

  • The project is being built on land that is well served by transit and surrounded by amenities for residents. 
  • The project complies with the Medium Density Residential designation in the OCP. 
  • There will be 31 adaptable units that are designed and built so that accessibility features can be added more easily and inexpensively after construction if required. These are rare in Delta and it’s great to see them in this project!
  • This project will take a parcel of land not currenly being used to house families, seniors, and individuals and it will turn it into a great site for people to live in Delta. 

Link: Take Action (5 Basic Steps)

Key Actions: 

  1. Write Council about 93A Ave & 120 St project 
  2. Add your comments on Let’s Talk about 75A Ave and 120 St project
  3. Attend our next regular meeting and become a member of Del-POP (if you’re not one already)
  4. Spread the Word about Del-POP!
  5. Join our Slack Workspace

(Originally Published 2021-05-05 by Norman Van Eeden, republished 2021-04-05)

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